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As a piano teacher, I've had many parents want their child to start with piano as their first instrument when taking music lessons. The reasoning that parents have is that learning to play the piano first provides the foundation or basis for all other musical learning. I've had students who really want to learn to play the saxaphone, drums, take voice, violin, etc. but their parents want them to take beginning piano first before moving onto the students instrument of choice.

I took clarinet in school for a year before switching to piano and I think it actually helped in some ways because I already knew the "basics" outside of the bass clef notes, of course, and only had to read one line of music at a time to start, rather than two lines of music. I remember it being a pretty easy transition to piano after taking another instrument first.

What are some other's opinions about whether it is important to learn piano first? Is there some advantages to learning piano as a foundation before learning other instruments?

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