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When I bought my Epi Viola Bass, it came with a set of roundwound strings which are still on it and are not very good I think. I would like to change them for a set of flatwounds to get that classic tone. I am no bassist (more of a guitarist who ownes a couple of basses) but I can play a little so please be gentle with me

I am looking for a set of flatwound strings with the following:

1) Flatwound (obviously)
2) Gauge 40-90 or 45-100 (or similar combination of gauges but not more than 45). I read that these gauges are OK for the neck of a beatle style bass
3) Short scale (Epi Viola measures around 30.5")
4) Not cost me a lot of money (£25 tops or there abouts - even cheaper is OK)

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